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Jesus on Cross Welcome to Priest on line: An ordained priest of God the Father and disciple of Jesus Christ; serving all children of God on line, giving confidential guidance, advice and help to all in need. Many people have problems, they search to find and contact a priest for spiritual guidance, personal advice, looking for direction or help. This website is a very private and confidential place, for you to search, find, contact and ask for guidance from a servant of God the Father and disciple of Jesus Christ, a priest serving on line. The priest on line website is a unique religious internet site. Although Christian it does try to help everybody, regardless of their denomination, religious faith or following, whether they believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ or not. People are looking to find answers to their many questions in daily life; their looking to share their feelings and problems with another person. Some people search for Christian or religious answers; they want to know more about God the Father, Jesus Christ or the Bible. Priest on line gives you this special confidential place to find a true priest to contact who wants to serve you in prayer, help, advice and guidance. This is a very private and confidential place to look for advice, help or guidance when other religious places or people are not so accessible to contact, or helpful to your needs. Sometimes people have a reluctance or even a inbuilt fear to confide in or seek advice and religious answers from their local priest or church leader. As a priest, a servant of God the Father and disciple of Jesus Christ working on line, you can discuss any problem or ask me any question by email. I will not be offended by the question you ask and I will always reply back to you personally giving any guidance or advice that seems appropriate from my prayers. I am sorry we cannot talk directly by phone or speak on Skype or Facebook. This is a genuine priest on line website used by many people daily looking for advice and guidance. See the About Page for more site information.

I would like add some reassurance to you, the reader; I do not need to know any personal details about you; you are not required to sign in or answer any personal question about yourself. So please remember you are anonymous to me, what I know is what you tell me and anything we discuss is private and confidential. God the Father knows all people, He knows your needs and difficulties, I do not need to know the person, I only need to know how to respond, therefore I seek His help through the spirit in prayer. All souls have problems in life, I want to try and help, to give guidance, a listening ear to their problems. Life is complex and people sometimes need help or advice, they search to find and contact someone to share or discuss their problems with in private. I am sorry we cannot talk directly by phone or speak on Skype or Facebook, but in faith I hope you will understand the reason.

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I do realize the Priest on Line website is unusual in its service, but God the Father knows all souls; but as for me I do not need to know you as a person, except to say within the gospel I am your brother Stephen. I am a servant of God the Father and disciple of His Son, Jesus Christ, I was ordained to serve all His children in need. This is a genuine on line priest advisory website, used by hundreds of people every week.

Jesus on Cross I wish to testify as a Christian disciple , God lives, Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, That Jesus was born upon the earth in Bethlehem and died for all our sins at Jerusalem, He made an atonement for us, all of us. I believe we must all be baptized to be cleansed of our sins and receive the Holy Ghost as our constant companion. We all need to live within the commandments of God, so we are free and can return to our Father in heaven. All people are the children of God, regardless of a their religious views or church following, God does not see the manmade boundaries of religion, He sees the individual person and their faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. Christian faith is the acceptance of Jesus Christ and this does mean that Christians by their faith should be baptized and confirmed by authority, meaning there will be "one shepherd and one fold" (John 10:16). This is my testimony, as a simple follower, disciple and teacher of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Your brother. Stephen 

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Please note, I do not declare or specify any particular religious denomination, group or congregation; All followers of Jesus Christ are disciples and all are called Christian; it is His church, one and only church. I am familiar in the doctrine of many different Christian Churches, but I cannot assign myself to any one Christian church or denomination on line. If I was to declare any one church affiliation, I would be setting one denomination against another, by saying one was right and the others are wrong. This means I would be judging those people from different churches who are not Catholic, Protestant, Anglican or some other Christian group and this division would be a sin; to judge another is a sin and I cannot do this. The only scriptures used for this guidance and teaching on this site is the Bible (See the about page). God our Father is no respecter of place or persons and sees us all the same, His children; souls to save and it would be wrong for me to go against Him. Any communication between us is strictly private and confidential; all email reply's are returned to the address from which they were sent. Communicating with me, as a priest on line is only via email, using ether email addresses above. Some people do send their telephone numbers, which I do not mind, remember though; I do not know your country. Please try to understand, I only phone people in emergency. For more details on communicating and this website, please visit the About Website Page.

Please Note: - This website, although Christian is not affiliated or connected to any religious organisation or group.

Your details and anything you tell me is confidential and strictly private between us.

For Press or Media questions only please email: - stating your company, country, name with contact phone number

This website receives no financial funding from any organisation; my humble gratitude does go to those who gave charitable service, Thank you

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