The Priest

My name is Stephen, although I am referred to as Brother Stephen [see Matthew 23:8-9]. I was born in Surry, England and now live in the North of England (UK). I am not young; to quote Shakespeare, I have past the three scores and ten years in age. I have many different skills, which I have been taught from my youth. I was taught my most important lesson from my mother, to care for other people.

I had attended Church since I was eight years old, but I feel my call towards God started when I was twenty one, I started to read scripture seriously, to learn and understand. It was not some bolt from the blue, but a constant spiritual voice telling me to study and learn. At this young age much was happening in my life, but I always found time to read and study both the Bible and learn about the history in the times of Jesus. I found the real need to learn about God and Jesus Christ in my twenties, this has continued to this day.

This need to learn has never left me and to this day I am driven by a need to know. I was helped by many people throughout my life, but I would like to mention two Bishop Austin and Brother Maunder. I was ordained in Gloucester England to serve all souls without prejudice. I do believe in the family as the most important part of our lives and of God’s creation for His children. I have brothers and sisters and many children in my family and they live in many places. I do like to travel the world meeting different people and leaning. about culture and the life styles of others. I also like to visit the many different Christian Churches around the world, learning and being part of their congregations.

The history of God and Jesus did include an understanding all other religions. Inspired by this knowledge  I needed to find out more about the many different Christian churches and there doctrine. I had always taken the view that all Christian churches should be the same; I was wrong?, There is only one Bible although it was written many times, but to quote Ephesian 4:4-5 – “One Lord, one faith, one baptism“- so why are they all different?. I will not answer this question here, because this would be judging others, but the answer comes from a study of religious history, which I continue to this day. If we believe in God the Father and Jesus Christ then we cannot usurp their authority by making changes, we must be one? Sorry if this view offend any person. I am not here to upset people, I do care about people, all people, I do not like to see the suffering or religious tension within the world.

On a personal note I do not see different denominations or church congregations, all people are children of God. I visit many different churches and do not judge their doctrine, they are still my brothers and sisters. Jesus once offered to enter the House of a Roman Centurion [Matthew 8:5-13], He talked to tax collectors, Samarian and many other without asking their religious views or following, He just love them all. This is true Christianity, the love of all and I believe the world would be a far better place if we would only follow His example.  

 I have total faith and belief in God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and do believe the Holy Ghost has been my companion and constant guide in my life. I have studied religion for over fifty years and I am familiar with many different denomination and types of religious teaching. I know God does live and that Jesus in the Christ, the Son of God who made an atonement for all people, every where. I am grateful for Jesus sacrifice for me and the future it gives to us all. I pray that the God the Father through the Holy Ghost will always guide me in the service of His Son, Jesus Christ.