Priest on Line

Find and contact a Christian ordained priest on line, here to help or give advice to all in need.

Why contact Priest on Line

People have problems, they need advice, help or direction, they search the internet for God, Jesus Christ or a priest online to help and give spiritual guidance, and personal advice. This site, priest on line is a very private and confidential location, giving you a place to contact a Christian priest and ask questions about your difficulties. For more details, contact;

Priest online is here for every person to find and contact

The priest on line website is a unique religious internet site that has operated since 2008. Although I am a Christian priest, I am here for every person to find, regardless of their faith, church denomination, religious following or problem. Regardless of whether they believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Bible or not. I do not judge people or see religious barriers I see all souls as children of God.

Looking to find faith and spiritual answers:

People are seeking to find answers to their many questions about God, Jesus Christ, religion and daily life. They are looking to share their feelings and problems with another person, someone who will listen and not judge them. Some are seeking for Christian answers about the Bible, Priest on Line gives you that private and confidential place to ask questions.

Priest on line website statement

This website is a very private and confidential place to look for and find advice, help or guidance when other religious places or people are not so accessible to contact, or helpful to your needs. Sometimes people have reluctance or even an inbuilt fear to confide in or seek advice and answers from their local priest or church leader. As a Christian priest, disciple of Jesus Christ working on line, you can discuss any problem or ask me any questions. I will not be offended or make any judgement upon you, all are children of God. I will always reply back to you personally giving any guidance or advice that seems appropriate from my knowledge or prayers. - For more information email: