As Written

Christianity is about people: it is the love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and charity each Christian must have for all other people they meet. It is following the teachings of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. Jesus Christ taught us so much about how we should show this love to other people and the way we should live our lives. Being a Christian is not about the church you attend or following any particular doctrine, it’s about you and your connection to God the Father. It is about other people you meet in life, we are all brothers and sisters [Matthew 12:50].

To understand Jesus Christ you need to go back to the time that Jesus Christ walked upon the earth and His ministry. This is where the foundation of Christianity lays, in Jesus Christ [see Matthew 7:24-27]. Your daily guide is the Holy Ghost and your understanding is in the teachings of Jesus Christ, following His words in the New Testament of the Bible. If you are not following these principles of Jesus Christ, then you are following the doctrine and traditions made by man and this doctrine has no place in Christian teaching [Mark 7:1-13].

This section of the website “As written” is to teach only the true principles of Jesus Christ as found within the Bible, i.e. The New Testament. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and can only teach those principles found within the words of Jesus Christ. I know many religious people, clergy and others may not like the words I write, but what I say is the truth. If we accept the Bible as true, then all I write has its foundation within the Bible; I invite you to reference these words within the Bible. I am not writing these words to offend, only to teach. I am writing these words to save people, to teach and ask that they follow Jesus Christ. It has no meaning in the teachings of Jesus Christ to say, we have always done it that way, for years; if that way is the wrong way.

You the reader are a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ; you must ask yourself inside, by the Spirit, if any doctrine being taught is true. You must decide in prayer if you follow the teachings of man or the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus called the religious leaders of the day (scribes and Pharisees) blind guides, [Matthew 23]. All Christian Churches are one and a church  building is only a place to meet as followers of Jesus Christ, originally the followers would meet in houses. The spirit within any building comes from the people within the building, for the Holy Ghost is in the people, not in the bricks and mortar [see Matthew 18:20].

After the mortal death of Jesus Christ the disciples were scattered to many places, some did desert Jesus Christ teaching. Many of the parts of Jesus Christ Ministry were told as stories, some were written down, this is where Christianity and the Bible started. These Christian followers were persecuted and they became a secret society, which grew with many converts. At the time they knew of Jesus and His ministry by stories, but they had no bible as we do today. Peter and Paul were put to death in Rome and the followers of Jesus Christ became persecuted by the Jews and Romans. These were barbaric times, with many killed for their belief, but the Gospel grew, despite the will of disbelievers, armies and government.

It was not until Constantine the Great became Emperor of Rome (306AD) that Christianity was accepted. In 326AD Constantine held the first Christian Council at Nicaea, this council tried to define God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, it was from this time that many of the misguided principles of Christianity were established. Over the centuries man, in the form of church leaders added burdens upon the people, they added their own bit of personal thinking to Christianity. The church leaders became rich powerful kings and rulers, with armies, doing all things in the name of Christianity. Some were tyrants, fighting to establish their iron rule upon others. Kings, queens and rulers would pay in gold and silver for the blessings of the church leaders, because they were in fear of the wroth of God. This is how the churches we see today has grown; they have misplaced the Christian values, with manmade tradition and become self-serving, dividing the people by church names and titles.

I am not suggesting the church leaders you see today are bad or corrupt, it is the values of Christianity, which have been lost. There are many good servants of God, which will be blessed. It is time, because of the rise of Satan, to return to the true values of Christian teaching as given by Jesus Christ. Jesus fulfilled the words of the old prophets in the Old Testament [see Matthew 5:17]. He taught three new commandments for us today to follow, these do supersede the ten given to Moses; “Love the Lord thy God, Love thy Neighbour as thy self and Love one another” [Mark 12:28-34 & John 13:34-35].

Read this section “As Written” with an open mind, pray and ponder these words and if you listen to the Spirit with an open mind you will understand and learn [see John 20:31].

Jesus commanded His disciples to go forth and teach the Gospel and I consider this is my call. I may be a voice crying in the wilderness, but I am doing that service I was ask to give. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” [Matthew 28:19] In the name of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ

All the content of these pages is scripturally based, there are no guesses or preconceived notions added by me, the fact are there to be read.

Picture Top; The Beatitudes where Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount.